55th Annual Conference

Professor Amanda McCann, President of IACR, Opening Speech 

Junior Council Session

Engaged and Involved: Insights into cancer research.

Prof. Paul Workman

Discovery of Novel HSF1 Pathway Inhibitors: Chemical probes & a clinical candidate.

Dr. David Finlay

Fueling robust anti-tumour NK cell responses

Dr. Nuala McCabe

Using gene expression to analyze the Hallmarks of Cancer

Margaret Grayson

Cancer Survivorship Session:
Survivorship: What does this mean to people affected by Cancer?

Dr. Noel McCaffrey

Cancer Survivorship Session:
Community-based exercise in Cancer Survivorship


Dr. Robert O'Connor

Cancer Landscape in Ireland

Prof Peter Jones

Epigenetic Therapies

EACR Junior Investigator

Lisa Dwane
Functional genomic screening identifies the deubiquitinase USP11 as a novel regulator of ERα transcription in Breast Cancer

EACR Senior Investigator

Dr. Sara Charmsaz
RNA-Methylation in ER-Positive Breast Cancer

Irish Cancer Society

Present and past researchers who attended the conference

IACR 2019 Awards