EACR Junior & Senior Investigator Awards

EACR Junior Investigator 2019

Lisa Dwane

EACR Senior Investigator 2019

Dr. Sara Charmsaz

EACR Senior & Junior Investigators 2018

Dr. Martin Barr (L) and Dr Naoise Synott (R)

EACR Junior and Senior Investigator Awards

EACR Junior and Senior Investigator Awards

The highest scoring abstract submitted to the IACR annual conference from both junior (3 years or less postdoctoral experience), and senior (more than 3 years postdoctoral experience), IACR members are selected for the EACR investigator awards at the annual conference.

These awardees present their research in the final IACR session and receive complimentary registration from the EACR and an IACR stipend to attend the EACR biannual conference.

EACR Award Winners From Previous IACR Conferences

55th IACR Belfast 2019
EACR Junior Prize Winner
Lisa Dwane, RCSI
Functional genomic screening identifies the deubiquitinase USP11 as a novel regulator of ERα transcription in Breast Cancer

EACR Senior Prize Winner
Dr. Sara Charmsaz, RCSI
RNA-Methylation in ER-Positive Breast Cancer

54th IACR Dublin 2018

EACR Junior Prize Winner
Naoise Synnott, UCD
Mutant p53 as A Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Preclinical Investigation with the Anti-p53 Drug, PK11007

EACR Senior Prize Winner
Martin Barr, TCD
XRCC6BP1: A key DNA repair gene in cisplatin resistant non-small cell lung cancer.

2018 Winners Articles

53rd IACR Kilkenny 2017
EACR Junior Prize Winner
Damir Vareslija, RCSI
Translating NextGen sequencing to the clinic: Targeting actionable genes enriched in breast cancer brain metastases

EACR Senior Prize Winner
Maria Prencipe, UCD
Serum response factor as a novel targeted therapy for castrate resistant prostate cancer

52nd IACR Cork 2016
EACR Junior Prize Winner
Manuela Salvucci, RCSI  
Translational application of a mathematical model of apoptotic caspase activation provides a prognostic biomarker in stage III colorectal cancer

EACR Senior Prize Winner
SJ Furney, UCD
Mutation-specific interactions between ultraviolet radiation and melanoma

51st IACR Galway 2015
EACR Junior Prize Winner
Rational design and validation of a TIP60 Histone acetyl transferase inhibitor for the treatment of breast cancer subtypes

EACR Senior Prize Winner
A Ryan, NUIG
Targeting colon cancer cell NF-kappaB promotes an anti-tumour M1-like macrophage phenotype and inhibits peritoneal metastasis



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