Dr. Arman Rahman

Dr. Arman Rahman

Assistant Professor in the UCD School of Medicine. Principal Investigator in the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Laboratory. Co-organiser of POI’s Invisible Spectrum program.

Dr. Arman Rahman is an MD, Ph.D. He is an Assistant Professor in the UCD School of Medicine, as well as a Principal Investigator in the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Laboratory, based in the UCD Conway Institute. He is also the in-charge of Precision Oncology Ireland’s (POI) Tissue Imaging Platform at UCD. After finishing his Ph.D. in Immunology from Umea University, Sweden, Dr. Rahman left his clinical practice and became a full-time academic researcher by joining his first postdoctoral fellowship training in DCU, Ireland in 2008. After a brief period of working in the field of antibody engineering in Dublin and Cambridge, Dr. Rahman concentrated on cancer biomarker development and validation using tissue-based detection techniques.

He is passionate about working with the health issues of ethnic minorities. Very significantly, Dr Rahman was bestowed with a UCD 2020 Values in Action (VIA) award. VIA awards celebrate individuals or teams/committees who act as ambassadors for UCD values through their daily work or establish initiatives that bring such values to life. In particular, he was recognised for his exceptional effort to debunk misinformation regarding COVID-19 during the pandemic; becoming a trusted and expert voice for scientific advances in the COVID-19 space for the Bangladeshi community within Ireland and globally.

Over the last three years, he has played an integral role in organising POI’s Invisible Spectrum program. The mission of Invisible Spectrum is to inform, inspire, and empower minority communities to become active participants in the national discussion about research and science.

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