Dr. Anne Forde

Dr. Anne Forde

Careers Consultant for Life Science Postdocs, Careers Service, University of Cambridge

After completing my PhD in immunology at Trinity College Dublin, I moved to the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg to do a 3 year postdoc. My project was high risk but I loved the atmosphere in the lab and I learned a lot. However, I felt didn’t have the passion or talent to stay in academia long term so I slowly started to explore careers in science communication. After applying for various roles with varying results, I got a part-time position as the German correspondent for the journal Science’s career development website ScienceCareers while I continued to postdoc part-time. This evolved into a full-time job the following year when I moved to their European office in Cambridge. I loved the networking and communication element of science writing but I wanted more direct contact with people. In 2006, I joined the University of Cambridge Careers Service as a careers adviser to set up a programme for life science postdocs. My job combines my interest in science and scientific careers, with my passion for communication and people.

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