Prof Aedín Culhane

Prof Aedín Culhane

Senior Council

Aedin Culhane is a Professor of Cancer Genomics at the University of Limerick School of Medicine and the Director of the Limerick Digital Cancer Research Center.  She is an accomplished computational oncologist over 20 years of experience in cancer genomics, including 15 years at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard University in Boston, USA.  Her research primarily focuses on the development of computational and statistical methods to identify molecules and pathways in the tumour microenvironment that play a role in tumour development, progression, and treatment resistance. She has published genomics studies in breast, ovarian, kidney cancers and pan-Cancer studies in immune-oncology. 

Professor Culhane is actively involved in leadership of the Bioconductor community, a global open-source software for genomics. She has served on the Bioconductor Technical Advisory Board (2014-2023) and has served as co-chair of several North American annual meetings. In 2020, she co-founded the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board and her lab has funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to develop training and outreach programs for the global Bioconductor community.  Her lab have developed several open-source software packages in R/ Bioconductor for dimension reduction and integrative multi-omics analysis of cancer bulk and single-cell molecular data . She is a member of the Human Cell Atlas project, which aims to characterize all cells in the human body.

The Culhane lab are leading efforts in federated sharing of genomics and healthcare data including deploying the Irish-node of the Genomics Data Infrastructure to share 1 million European genomes. She is lead of the All Island eHealth Hub for Cancer Award, which is an all-island doctoral and post-doctoral cancer research training program in federated digital health. This program between the University of Limerick and Queens University Belfast is funded by a €4 million award from the HEA North South Research program.  The research program is a partners in the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics project, which is developing standards and tools for federated real-world data clinical health research. 

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